Oshawa Personal Tax Returns Services

Having trouble saving up on taxes? Need Someone to advice before the end of the year, we are here to help you for personal taxes. We can help you how to use effectively your RRSP limits, your donation, your medical expenses, interest paid on credit cards and line of credits, Child’s university fees credit, property tax paid, rent paid for principal residence and political expenses.

Filing returns on time:

  • Filing returns on time and taxes accurately being done Is very important since the Canada Revenue Agency can audit you anytime.
  • Filing returns on time also protects your right of getting child tax benefits on timely manner.

Claiming Expenses:

  • Claiming expenses such as donations can save you up to 40% of the amount on donation depending on the income level you have.
  • Medical expenses that can be claimed includes medical mileage if you had to travel more than 80 kilometers one way you can claim the expenses made on that, all the prescribed medicines which was paid off the pocket as well.
  • Political expense can be claimed, and it includes any payment made to a party during an election.
  • Optical expense can also be claimed including the money spent on glasses and lenses.

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