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Today’s topic is what are the four important points to win your appeal in the CRA Appeal Department. Recently we win an appeal in the CRA appeal Department dropped my client sale over $3.5 million and my client saved $500,000 in HST. This was a big win with the blessing of God, and I believe if the credit goes to someone it only goes to the God who deserve this credit but as long as the technicalities is concerned there are the four points that you must know before writing the appeal and I am telling this in the public to help the other public to help my other clients.

  1. Your appeal must be filed to the CRA appeal Department within the 90 days.
  2. You must write a correct spelling correct English correct paragraphs and you are clear in your mind and you’re writing what you actually want the appeal Department to appeal and to review it
  3. You know your material you know the facts you know what the excise Tax Act says you know what the Income Tax Act says, and you exactly know where the audit Department did not judge correctly according to those provisions of the income tax act and According to Excise Tax Act
  4. Be honest with your peel Department, be transparent and do not try to hide anything do not try to overstate anything or understand anything and I can guarantee you that this is a wrong notion that the appeal Department is just a rubber stamp of the CRA Audit Department

If you fulfill these four requirements there is much bigger chance that you would win the appeal.

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