1. Make sure you have all T slips with you T4 T5 T3 T5007 T4A T2202 T2200 etc.

2. Make sure you have all Donations slip, Medical expenses, Children Daycare receipts, Rental receipts from a landlord, Property tax you paid, RRSP slips, expenses paid for children activity like swimming dance art lessons.

3. If you are landlord or landlady make sure you have total rent you received for 12 months, total property tax you paid for 12 months Jan to Dec, Total gas water hydro you paid, total property insurance you paid, total home repair your paid, total mortgage interest you paid, if you have to travel to take care of your property please do not forget to claim, total Condo fees you paid and total real-estate commission you paid.

4. If you are UBER Driver or Taxi Driver or Plumber please make sure you have total bank deposit amount for 12 months from Jan to Dec that went into your bank account, also please make sure you have total of car gas you paid car insurance, business material purchases tools purchases equipment purchases telephone and internet expenses office expenses food and business promotion expenses

5.HST papers and HST  code your received also Please do not forget to bring a copy of last year tax return and Notice of assessment with you for last year, make sure we file your tax before April 30 every year