We will tell you to resister yourself personally on the CRA website because there are a lot of benefits of registering yourself on the CRA website.

You can update your banking information you can enter an update and change your home addresses. These are the two functions that your accountant cannot perform on your behalf.  Only you as a taxpayer can do it so the first step is that please go on the Google search type CRA my account and search it.  it would prompt you to go to the CRA my account window there are the two options either to log in or to register. Please pick CRA register and when you picked CRA register(option)  it would ask you to enter the social insurance number and click next.  You click next it would ask you three important question that you must know these questions and answer this question correctly if one of this question is wrong too bad, you would not be able to register yourself online. Number one is your Postal code, as a lot of people has a multiple Postal code and a lot of addresses but please use the Postal code that you give it to the CRA that the CRA has in their system. Number three the line 10100, this line according to your 2019 tax returns because I am recording this video and, in this time, and age, they asking you to 2019 but after one year they would ask you to enter the 2020 line number 10100 then you must know that line you must know your Postal code correctly and the date of birth and then press next. In the next it would ask you to enter nearly your username and the password your username and the password and then ask you to go next. They will ask you to select the five security questions and answers you must know it try to choose security answer or easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. In the next screen it will give you your questions and your answer. Please print them please take a picture on your cell phone and keep it safe because if you do not know your security answers the answer to your security questions is too bad nobody would help you believe me it is very hard to communicate with CRA. It would ask you to accept the conditions of use and then it would let you to enter your username and password that you just select it and then it would allow you to use your online website immediately right there and then. It cost you if you know all this information, less than the five minutes to register your account on the CRA but one more important thing is that in 10 days by Mail Canada post you will receive security code and that code I am telling you is very important to get the full benefit of your website.

To you do following

  1. Check status of your all years returns.
  2. Print Notices of Assessments of all years.
  3. Change your personal address.
  4. Change your bank information.
  5. Check payment and balances statust of your Child tax benefits, Trillium benefits HST benefits.
  6. Check status of your CERB and CREW.
  7. Check status of your installment’s payments and amounts owning.

I would humbly request everybody, please go and create your own account on the CRA website if you do not know the line number please do call our office 14167480817 ask my office. We would answer question.

We always email tax returns to our clients and you must have that information in your email if you do not know how to get it no problem you go to email just type the word in your email “taxes”?

You would get email with personal tax attachment.

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Please remember me in your prayers May God bless you thank you very much have a nice day.